The construction of an athletics track is a complex achievement. Each of the steps has special constraints and requirements.

The project managers will assist you to choose a coating that meets your expectations.
LABO DES SOLS will verify that the work is carried out in accordance with the standards in force, the federal regulations and, if applicable, your CCTP.
The successful completion of all these phases is a prerequisite for the sustainability of the floor.

   The subgrade and the foundation gravel (NF P 90-100) :

    - Slope control.

    – Control the bearing capacity.

    - Control of trafficability.

The application of asphalt (NF P 90-100) :

    - Control of flatness.

    - Control of the wealth module.

    - Water evacuation control.

Analysis of raw materials (NF P 90-100 and EN 14877):

    - Control of the resin.

    - Control of granuls.

Performance and safety measurements (EN 14877) :

    - Control of flatness.

    - Control of shock absorption.

    - Control of the deformation.

    – Control of skid resistance.

    - Thickness control.