Legal :

In France, playgrounds are regulated by an implementing decree published in the Official Journal : Decree No. 96-1136 of 18 December 1996 laying down the safety requirements for collective and public play areas.
 - This decree specifies some requirements including those of damping soils.
- The standard EN 1176 (parts 1 to 11) defines what is a damping floor adapted to a game.

You are the owner, responsible, you want to activate a new playground or know the security status of an existing playground, LABO DES SOLS realises all necessary measures required to meet the requirements of standards and regulations.

Playgrounds (EN 1176):

– Impact absorbing surfaces (HIC),

- The assembly of structures according to the data sheets,

- The location of the structures in the playground area.

Artificial climbing structures and blocks ( EN 12572) :

The EAS are complex achievement that requires all warranties before being commissioned.

LABO DES SOLS controls the following characteristics:

- The resistance of the support of the future SAE according to the calculation notes.

- The resistance of the anchors and the loading of the structure.

Skate parks (NF EN 14974+A1) :

- The assembly and the geometry of the modules,

- Materials employed,

- The modules' implantation.

The roller tracks (NF EN 14974+A1) :

- The flatness, the slopes of the asphalt,

- The skid resistance of the resin,

- Raw materials analysis in lab.